Clothing in Sevierville, TN

Clothing makes all the difference when you’re out on the trail or roughing it in a tent in the wilderness. You need clothing that’s strong and durable, yet comfortable and accommodating. At GSM Outfitters LLC, we carry only the best hiking apparel in Sevierville, TN, to ensure your adventure isn’t being hampered by the clothes you’re wearing.

A Full Selection

From the boots and socks on your feet, to the headband or hat on your head, we stock virtually any piece of apparel you might want or need. Our inventory includes hiking clothes for women in Sevierville, TN, as well as styles for men and youth. Some of the products we carry include:

Brands We Stock

Choosing the right brand can make all the difference when you head into the wilderness. It’s important to pick out products that are made to last, ready for roughing it and above all, backed by comfort and quality. At GSM Outfitters LLC, we take pride in offering customers a huge selection of brands, including all of the following reputable options:

As hikers ourselves, we’re happy to provide insight into any products you might be looking for, and we’re more than ready to provide recommendations for any of the products we sell based on your likes and dislikes.

Get Dressed for the Trails

Our ultimate goal is to ensure you’re hitting the trail fully prepared for any weather or terrain, wearing apparel that’s strong, durable and comfortable. Stop in today to browse our full selection or give us a call at 865-366-2608 if you’re looking for anything in particular.