The Patagonia Atom Sling: A Great Option Among Our Hiking Gear in Sevierville, TN

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Big enough to fit all of your travel essentials, the Patagonia Atom sling is one of our most popular pack options for outdoor and travel enthusiasts. Its efficient design blends the comfort of a backpack with the low-profile carry of a courier’s bag and the convenience of a shoulder bag. The bag offers 488 cubic inches of gear capacity, spread between its main compartment and two exterior pockets. Included are a compartment designed specifically for an iPad or tablet, as well as a hip belt for extra convenience. You can easily carry it on with you to a plane or... View Article

Human & Bear Interaction

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Pepper Spray

GSM Outfitters sells Bear Spray and it is something a lot of people should have. When I carry mine I think I would be more apt to use it for other people than myself (the picture of people chasing bears is a good example). It is something that can save people and bears. If you spray a bear with it, the bear affiliates the negative experience with humans. The spray works well on a variety of species including homo sapiens. Bear spray is also good to have at the doors of the cabins in this area. In May a man... View Article

5 Year Anniversary!

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The 20,075 day journey for GSM Outfitters That’s right on June 13th GSM Outfitters will be 5 years old. The following is a brief summary of from then till now. In the last quarter of 2012, planning, writing, spreadsheets, licensing, development and what would become GSM Outfitters started. We knew the general area we wanted the business to be located, since at the time there were no outdoor clothing and gear retailers in the area. We had an idea of what we would sell as well as what we would offer. But first things first, what do you call it?... View Article

Heading to the Great Outdoors? Make Sure You Pack an Adventure Medical Kit!

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Whether you’re a serious adventure seeker or a relaxed all-day trail walker, it’s important to be prepared for anything, such as cuts, sprains and medical emergencies. With this in mind, do you carry a first aid kit in your hiking pack? If you do, is it up to date, and does it contain the essentials? Before heading to the great outdoors, be sure to add an Adventure Medical Kit to your list of must-have hiking gear in Sevierville, TN! What are Adventure Medical Kits? When it comes to outdoor adventures and hiking, the team behind Adventure Medical Kits wants you... View Article

Keen Sandals: An Overview of One of the Summer’s Hottest Hiking Accessories in Sevierville, TN

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If you are someone who enjoys hiking during the warmer months, then you know just how hard it can be to keep cool on hot days. After a while, the heat can get to you, slowing you down and making your body feel weak. Remember, most of your body heat escapes through your hands and feet. So in addition to proper hydration and wearing breathable clothing on hikes, you might also consider investing in a good pair of hiking sandals. There’s no reason to be afraid to hike in sandals this summer. In many cases, hiking sandals are better than... View Article