About Our Company

owners Heather and MichaelGSM Outfitters LLC is owned and operated by Michael and Heather Shepperd, avid lovers of nature and the outdoors. In 2013, they relocated to beautiful Wears Valley, TN to carry out their dream to live in the mountains and get to know those who enjoy the same adventures and activities they do!

Through GSM Outfitters LLC, Michael and Heather strive to bring quality hiking gear and camping accessories to Sevierville, TN residents, as well as those in Pigeon Forge, Gatlinburg, Wears Valley and the Townsend areas of the Smoky Mountains of East Tennessee. Whether you’re an Appalachian hiker or just someone who enjoys spending time close to nature, we welcome you!

GSM Outfitters is launching The Mountain Appreciation Society.

We will meet the 4th Sunday of every month and hike weather permitting. If the weather is bad we may just have a meeting at the store (order pizza) or do something fun. This group is open to everyone, so subjects that leave folks on the margins will not be discussed. It is strictly about an appreciation of nature, science and the National Park as well as a forum for like-minded people to connect and enjoy time together. This group is free of charge. When we hike each person will be responsible for their own needs and safety. This is an over 18 group. We would like to keep things on an adult level and want to offer something that allows folks a mature venue to communicate and relax together.

Topics that often times marginalize or separate people into two or more camps will not be discussed. In other words, if you wish to talk politics join a political group, if you want to talk sports go to a sports bar and if you want to talk religion there are plenty of religious organizations for you. Our goal here is to create an environment in which people recognize what they have in common and not focus on a handful of hot-button topics that can be divisive. This group has been started so folks have a venue in which they are not being told: “what to think”,” how they should feel” or “what they should believe”. It is strictly about appreciating all the things we have in common while enjoying the mountains and woods!

Member Cards are only given at hikes. You must participate in the hikes to have a card.

Life in the Smokies Interview

  • The following will be our hiking schedule for the next couple of months:
    • October 28th Night Hike in Cades Cove Starts at 8 pm Level 6
    • November 25th Meigs Creek Meet at GSM between 1:30 – 2:00 Level 9
    • December 14th Holiday Party at Cove Creek RV Resort Level 1

Our Inventory and Supplies

The first rule of going into the wilderness is to go prepared. That means having the right gear, reliable products and the necessary outdoor clothing in Sevierville, TN. When you’re gearing up for the outdoors, our store is the first and best destination to start shopping. From comfortable boots, to 3- and 4-season tents, to hiking supplies and much, much more, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for at our store. And, with firsthand knowledge of hiking and camping, we’re able to make recommendations and provide advice that’s reliable and beneficial.

GSM Outfitters is also proud to mention our full-service coffee cafe located right in store! Stop by and grab a latte, macchiato or fresh brewed coffee while you shop!

coffee cafe
GSM Outfitters Coffee Cafe

Pillars of our Beliefs

GSM Outfitters LLC is more than just a place to buy gear—we’re also a place to learn and understand nature.
To that end, we take pride in standing by a system of beliefs that includes:

Great Smoky Mountains Association


We support the Great Smoky Mountains Association and its perpetual preservation of Great Smoky Mountains National Park and the national park system. This organization promotes greater public interest and appreciation of the park through education, interpretation and research.

Great Smoking Mountains National Park


We’re affiliated with Friends of Great Smoky Mountains National Park. This organization assists the National Park Service in its mission to preserve and protect Great Smoky Mountains National Park, by raising funds and public awareness and providing volunteers for needed projects.

Appalachian Bear Rescue


We support Appalachian Bear Rescue! This organization has been returning black bears to the wild since 1996. Each year, black bears from our national parks and surrounding areas are orphaned or injured. These bears are rehabilitated and released back to the wild.



We support Flow397, as it strives to be both the best in the world and the best for the world. 397 was the number of park units within the National Parks System at their inception. $3.97 later came to be the monetary symbol of our commitment to support the Parks.

We invite you to join us in doing good! Stop by our store today to learn more
about the affiliations we’re part of and the efforts we make to support our national parks system.