February 26, 2017

Emily Miller

"The owners are some of the nicest people around and they have a crazy amount of selections! And GREAT prices on eno hammocks and the cables! Also a great selection of pet friendly hiking gear."
February 23, 2017

Andrew Bridenbaker

"I've been trying to make it to their store for some time. Well worth the wait! U felt so welcome by them. They seem to have the essentials for most hikers. I am going to be a regular here."
February 19, 2017

Tony Maskevich

February 16, 2017

Kyle Williams

"Love these guys. Always a pleasure to shop here and speak with Heather and Michael. Both of them are highly accommodating, professional, and friendly. Wouldn't drive anywhere else and risk losing such a great experience. Recommend GSM Outfitters to anyone passing through. As a local who has the ability to go to major retailers, I choose to keep my business locally instead because of owners such as these."
January 21, 2017

David Pariseau

"Friendly / knowledgeable owners. Good selection of gear. Great coffee!"