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5 Year Anniversary!

May 31, 2018 Leave your thoughts

The 20,075 day journey for GSM Outfitters That’s right on June 13th GSM Outfitters will be 5 years old. The following is a brief summary of from then till now. In the last quarter of 2012, planning, writing, spreadsheets, licensing, development and what would become GSM Outfitters started. We knew the general area we wanted the business to be located, since at the time there were no outdoor clothing and gear retailers in the area. We had an idea of what we would sell as well as what we would offer. But first things first, what do you call it?... View Article

The Abrams Falls Hike

February 1, 2018 Leave your thoughts

The Abrams Falls hike is a stunningly beautiful hike that is in the moderate category. Unlike most hikes, this hike is a mild descent to the falls At times you will be going up but the lion’s share of the hike is actually down. With that being said coming out is a bit harder than going in. If you have not done this hike in the winter it is a must! The volume of water and hydraulics is triple of what you would see in September or October. This time of year this trail has much less foot traffic. It... View Article

GSM Outfitters Coffee Cafe

January 2, 2018 Leave your thoughts

In 2015 the owners of GSM Outfitters recognized one of the things missing from this part of Sevierville (Wears Valley) was coffee. There was nowhere to purchase high-end non-franchise coffee or tea. That same December GSM Outfitters Coffee Café was started. Using only the best coffee and tea was not enough. The best equipment and lots and lots of bottled water would be needed. That’s right, every cup of coffee and tea served at GSM Outfitters Coffee Café is made with bottled water to ensure the exact same high-quality beverage every single time. Our coffee is roasted to perfection, aged... View Article

Chaco – From Then Until Now

December 28, 2017 Leave your thoughts

In 1989 a whitewater rafting guide launched a sandal concept that was original, rugged and customizable. Mark Paigen had no idea how much he was going to effect a well-established industry. The rafting guide made the first Chaco Sandals in a facility in Paonia Colorado. Over the years, Chaco footwear has enjoyed a well-deserved reputation for durability and comfort! Chaco does not ever rest when it comes to innovation and style. While the durability and comfort have only improved, the styles are never-ending. Providing something for everyone has become a standard at Chaco.   Chaco is also famous for its... View Article

Patagonia High Standards, High Goals, Fair Trade

December 22, 2017 Leave your thoughts

You may have purchased Patagonia because you wanted high-quality apparel. Or because you liked the style or look that Patagonia is famous for. Maybe it was because of how the garment functioned and met your needs perfectly. There is one more great reason to purchase Patagonia and that is – Fair Trade! Fair Trade is important in more ways than most folks understand. You should feel good when you make purchases on products sold under the Fair Trade Certification. You are making a statement with your purchase that says you care about people everywhere. You are getting a product in... View Article