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Shop Local for the Holidays

December 5, 2018 Leave your thoughts

Shop local, get away from the crowds and horrible parking, find unique memorable gifts, and save time and money at GSM Outfitters. At GSM Outfitters you can always find those perfect stocking stuffers. Shopping at GSM Outfitters also supports the local economy. If you want someone to be warm and comfortable we have plenty of hats socks and gloves from great suppliers such as: Marmot CC Beanie prAna Patagonia Mountain Hardwear Darn Tough Farm to Feet Legacy And more!!! We also have great hiking and camping accessories that are the perfect, much-needed piece of equipment that just makes our time... View Article

Foothills Parkway and GSM Outfitters

October 31, 2018 Leave your thoughts

GSM Outfitters is proud to be the outdoor clothing and gear store that is closest to this new section of the Foothills Parkway! We have all the clothing and gear for most mountain experiences. Lots of things to remember your time in the mountains as well as handcrafted coffees, teas and Italian sodas. If you’re in the area to experience the Foothills Parkway/National Park please stop in and see us! We would love to see you! If you need trail information, hiking tips, things to do, places to go or just want to look around we are happy to help!... View Article

The Importance of Water Shoes for Tubing and Rafting

June 25, 2018 Leave your thoughts

Any time you participate in a sport or activity, it’s important you have the right type of footwear if you hope to perform at your peak and in a completely safe manner. This is especially important in water settings—not just any shoe will work in the water. Bare feet simply are not reliable in a lot of wet settings, but water shoes can provide you with the traction you need to stay safe and avoid slips and falls. Our store offers water shoes beginning at just $7, but we have brands at all price levels, including Teva, Chaco and Keen’s... View Article

Human & Bear Interaction

June 4, 2018 Leave your thoughts
Pepper Spray

GSM Outfitters sells Bear Spray and it is something a lot of people should have. When I carry mine I think I would be more apt to use it for other people than myself (the picture of people chasing bears is a good example). It is something that can save people and bears. If you spray a bear with it, the bear affiliates the negative experience with humans. The spray works well on a variety of species including homo sapiens. Bear spray is also good to have at the doors of the cabins in this area. In May a man... View Article

The Importance of a Good Pair of Socks

February 21, 2018 Leave your thoughts

At GSM Outfitters LLC, we’re always on the lookout for the very best in outdoor gear, and are committed to stocking only the finest products, ones that we’re confidently able to stand behind. This goes for everything, including the seemingly humble sock. When you’re hunting for outdoor equipment in Sevierville, TN, don’t forget about socks—they make a bigger difference than you might think! Without a good pair of socks, a good pair of boots can still hurt your feet Without a good pair of socks, your boots won’t fit as well and are more likely to chafe you over longer... View Article