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Holiday Shopping at GSM!

October 31, 2018 Leave your thoughts

You will not find a better place for holiday shopping than GSM Outfitters. All the brands we sell are sure to impress and make someone feel special. Christmas, Birthday, Anniversary or just want to surprise someone with a well thought gift stop by and see us. True Grit is one of the most comfortable, stylish things you can put on your body. It instantly makes you feel comfy, warm and high end. Everyone looks great in True Grit! GSM Outfitters has lots of stock on two of the most “in demand” products for the holidays. Patagonia Better Sweaters and Nano... View Article

A Guide to Oboz Hiking Boots in Sevierville, TN

March 12, 2018 Leave your thoughts

Are you new to hiking, or thinking about getting more involved in rugged trail activities? If you are, don’t buy just any old shoe or boot. Here are some good things to know about Oboz, one of the premier manufacturers of hiking boots in Sevierville, TN. Why wear hiking boots for hiking? New hikers often wonder whether they really need to wear hiking boots on a hike. Well, depending on the kind of hike you have planned, you could choose to wear hiking shoes, hiking sandals or hiking boots. The fact of the matter is that hiking footwear is meant... View Article

Product Review: The Keen Targhee III Boot

February 7, 2018 Leave your thoughts

As spring approaches, many of us are eagerly awaiting all the extra time we’re soon going to be spending outdoors, and time outdoors is always best enjoyed with the right gear. If you’re looking for a new hiking boot this spring—a boot that can handle everything you throw at it, any weather, any hike, any terrain—we suggest you consider the Keen Targhee III. It’s an affordable boot, even by Keen’s standards, and offers the type of comfort, stability and protection of a boot many times its price. Here is our in-depth review of these excellent hiking boots in Sevierville, TN.... View Article

A Guide for Choosing the Best KEEN Hiking Boots in Sevierville, TN

January 23, 2018 Leave your thoughts

Hiking shoes, hiking boots, hiking gear—if you are new to hiking, don’t let all the choices of hiking footwear and equipment scare you off. The reason there are so many options is because everyone has different preferences, and the gear you need will also vary greatly depending on your skill level and the terrain you tend to hike. Ultimately, you will benefit from a good hiking boot that is comfortable, fits well and performs the way you want it to. Are you ready to try on new hiking boots? Let’s find the perfect footwear designed for the trails you love.... View Article