Great Smoky Mountain tee shirts, hats and hoodies

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great smoky mountains

Great Smoky Mountain apparel – Some are heartfelt, some funny and all memorable. GSM Outfitters is proud of the variety and quality of our souvenirs, hats, t-shirts and hoodies. They are a great way to remember your time here and start a conversation. If your home and wished you had picked one up, not to worry. Our online store makes it a few clicks to get the hat t-shirt or hoody of your choice. If you don’t see something don’t hesitate to reach out to GSM Outfitters (865-366-2608) and we will check to see if we have what you are... View Article

We Carry Three LEKI Trekking Pole Models!

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GSM Outfitters LLC, a trusted provider of hiking gear in Sevierville, TN, sells some of the finest trekking poles available. Trekking poles help provide stability and balance during ventures out onto virtually any type of terrain. Trekking poles are a valuable addition to any collection of hiking equipment; high-quality trekking poles can make hikes safer and more comfortable. The type of hiking pole that you ultimately choose to use depends largely on your hiking style, the type of terrain you find yourself hiking on most frequently and your personal preference. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when... View Article

[Un]Possible Cuts Earrings

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GSM Outfitters is proud to bring in these U.S. made (Un)possible Cuts earring. Cute, interesting and conversation provoking accents. Every time you wear them someone is going to talk to you about how cool or cute they are. At $13.95 they are quite the deal! Make a statement each and every time you leave the house with these fun accessories! 38 styles to choose from

We Sell Osprey Child Carriers!

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Looking for a way to get your little ones out on your hiking excursions with you? We’re pleased to offer Osprey Child Carriers, one of the most popular brands of child carriers and backpacks you’ll find in the world of hiking accessories in Sevierville, TN—and for good reason. Hiking can quickly lose its fun if you’ve got an aching back and hips, and this only gets compounded when you have a squirmy child on your back. With this in mind, Osprey put its award-winning anti-gravity backpack suspension system into a new carrier, the Poco AG™ Plus child carrier with a... View Article

Get Your CC Beanies Here!

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We’ve got a brand new product now available in our store specializing in outdoor clothing in Sevierville, TN: CC Beanies! These beanies have become quite popular and we’re pleased to now offer them ourselves. CC Beanie develops a wide variety of beanies, including classic beanies, beanies for children, beanies with tails, beanies with poms and much more. These unique beanies are stylish and trendy. With the CC 365 collection, you can wear them all year long, as they contain a lighter knit with 50 percent cotton and 50 percent acrylic, which gives them a light and airy feeling that is... View Article