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We at GSM Outfitters LLC are primarily known for our selection of outdoor and hiking apparel and camping accessories in Sevierville, TN, but we also have a café that is a great place to stop and relax with friends!

The GSM Outfitters Coffee Café was, in all actuality, started because of GSM Outfitters customers, who gave us the idea. In 2014 we had a couple enter the store one day in the late afternoon, and they asked us where they’d be able to find coffee that was well-made and rich tasting. They were sick of restaurant and franchise coffee and wanted to find something with a little more flavor and value to it. The names of those customers were Ori and Daniel Liel, and they were visiting from Israel. We told them that unfortunately they’d have a hard time finding what they were looking for in Eastern Tennessee, but the conversation struck a chord with us.

We knew exactly what Ori and Daniel were looking for—they wanted a cup of coffee that would meet certain standards they had not found on their one-month trip in the United States, coffee that was made from high-quality beans with craft roasting characteristics. Using some of the same techniques and ingredients we use in the coffee shop today, we made them some coffee right there that day.

Bold, strong flavors

We’d already had some initial discussions about how there was no coffee shop in Wears Valley, and how you couldn’t find any coffee shop in the surrounding area that served bold, smooth coffee. In many cases people associated strong, bold coffee with bitter flavors that are not pleasing, but that’s because these experiences tend to involve coffee made with cheap beans, bad roasting techniques, bad water or bad brewing techniques.

The truth is, really good coffee can’t be made in two minutes or less by just any person behind a counter. It all starts with the beans—that’s the most important ingredient. From there, it must go through an excellent roasting process. The final step is brewing, which is important in its own right. For coffee to have a truly smooth flavor, it must bloom prior to having water between 200 and 204 degrees pass through the ground coffee.

Finally, you can talk all you want about the beans and the roasting, but the largest ingredient in coffee is water, and if the water is of low quality, then that’s going to significantly damage the quality of the drink. At our café, we only use bottled spring water to make every cup of tea and coffee. We take this process and the ingredients we use very seriously!

We also offer Tea Forte tea, some of the best tea you’ll find on the market. It’s served on the Queen Mary and at the Biltmore. Our chocolate is Ghirardelli chocolate, which is, in our opinion, the best. Finally, our Italian sodas are all made with soda imported from Italy.

If you haven’t experienced any of our beverages yet, we hope you’ll stop by the GSM Outfitters Coffee Café and join us for a cup the next time you’re shopping for camping accessories in Sevierville, TN! We know you’ll be pleased with what you taste!

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