The Importance of Water Shoes for Tubing and Rafting

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Any time you participate in a sport or activity, it’s important you have the right type of footwear if you hope to perform at your peak and in a completely safe manner. This is especially important in water settings—not just any shoe will work in the water. Bare feet simply are not reliable in a lot of wet settings, but water shoes can provide you with the traction you need to stay safe and avoid slips and falls.

Our store offers water shoes beginning at just $7, but we have brands at all price levels, including Teva, Chaco and Keen’s Newport and Whisper lines. Here are just a few reasons why water shoes are so important if you plan to spend time out on the water this summer:

  • Protection: Water shoes will cover your entire foot, and they have remarkably thick soles. This is extremely important for protecting your feet from sharp objects like rocks and shells, and from hot surfaces such as decks and asphalt. You should pay extra attention to styles of water shoes that have built-in toe shields, which help prevent stubbed toes.
  • Traction: Water shoes have specially designed treads that help you stay safe on slippery surfaces, such as docks, decks, water equipment and rocks. Rubber outsoles also help to provide extra grip. You can find these shoes in slip-on and lace-up styles, the latter of which are your best bet for hiking through streams, trails and creek beds.
  • Lightweight: Shoes that aren’t meant for use in the water can quickly get waterlogged and heavy, which means you won’t be able to make the smooth underwater movements you need to avoid expending too much energy. Specially designed water shoes are designed for both underwater and dry surfaces, and help push the water aside as you make contact with the ground. These shoes do not retain nearly as much water, so they dry quite quickly.
  • Comfort: Water shoes are extremely flexible and made with mesh materials, which makes them highly breathable and helps keep your feet cool. But if you go into cold water, these shoes are also designed to insulate against those extra cold temperatures, meaning you can maintain excellent circulation and comfort no matter what the conditions of the water may be.
  • Variety of styles: There are many different types of water shoes you can purchase, depending on how you plan to use them. Slip-on shoes are great for general recreation at the beach and for ocean swimming. Lace-up water shoes are better for more intense outdoor activities and hiking. There are also styles that have adjustable bungee laces that make slipping them on easier, but also give you the option to lace them up for more intense usage.

Summer is a great time for water sports, kayaking, tubing, water skiing, fishing, boating and many other water-based activities. Make sure you’re properly outfitted with a pair of water shoes to keep you safe during those activities! Contact GSM Outfitters LLC for more information about our outdoor equipment in Sevierville, TN.

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