Keen Sandals: An Overview of One of the Summer’s Hottest Hiking Accessories in Sevierville, TN

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If you are someone who enjoys hiking during the warmer months, then you know just how hard it can be to keep cool on hot days. After a while, the heat can get to you, slowing you down and making your body feel weak. Remember, most of your body heat escapes through your hands and feet. So in addition to proper hydration and wearing breathable clothing on hikes, you might also consider investing in a good pair of hiking sandals. There’s no reason to be afraid to hike in sandals this summer. In many cases, hiking sandals are better than your other footwear options.

Now, let’s take a look at one of summer’s hottest hiking accessories in Sevierville, TN—outdoor and hiking sandals—and the benefits they offer:

  • Hiking sandals keep your feet cool: Your hands and feet play a huge role in regulating your body temperature. By wearing boots and shoes on long hikes, you’re blocking ventilation and stopping heat from leaving your body fast. On the other hand, wearing breathable footwear like sandals increases ventilation and keeps your feet cool—especially since you don’t have to wear socks.
  • Outdoor sandals are lightweight: Because hiking sandals have less material and bulk, they weigh significantly less than boots and shoes. Sandals mean less weight for your feet to carry around, giving you more energy to dedicate to your hike.
  • They offer support: Hiking sandals are constructed differently from other types of toeless footwear. Outdoor sandals have thick outsoles and deep lugs for traveling over all sorts of trail obstacles, as well as padded midsoles and outsoles that offer comfort and support. Sandals also have adjustable straps to secure your feet and protect them against injuries, like blisters and ankle sprains.
  • They are perfect for walking through water: Coming across a stream or river is frustrating for hikers wearing tightly laced-up hiking boots. If you are wearing sandals, you can go right on through. Most high-quality hiking sandals, like Keen Newports and Whispers, are not only waterproof, but also dry quickly, meaning there’s no need to remove them after walking through water.

Keen Newport H2

No matter where your adventure takes you this summer, rest assured that the Keen Newport H2 will not let you down! This classic water shoe offers both comfort and versatility to the wearer, with the openness of a sandal and the toe protection of a shoe. These sandals have a razor-sided sole that provides shoe-like traction, and they are machine washable, so get ready to hike over land and through water with ease.

Keen Whisper

With a cushioned foot bed for comfort on the go, the Keen Whisper hiking sandal is described as an all-around adventurer. An elastic cording allows this lightweight performance sandal to fit snug to the wearer’s feet and can be adjusted in or out of the water. Quality materials make this sandal easy to clean and care for.

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