Heading to the Great Outdoors? Make Sure You Pack an Adventure Medical Kit!

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Whether you’re a serious adventure seeker or a relaxed all-day trail walker, it’s important to be prepared for anything, such as cuts, sprains and medical emergencies. With this in mind, do you carry a first aid kit in your hiking pack? If you do, is it up to date, and does it contain the essentials? Before heading to the great outdoors, be sure to add an Adventure Medical Kit to your list of must-have hiking gear in Sevierville, TN!

What are Adventure Medical Kits?

When it comes to outdoor adventures and hiking, the team behind Adventure Medical Kits wants you to be safe. It’s for this reason that these high-quality, innovative medical kits were created. As far as wilderness first aid kits go, Adventure Medical Kits are highly praised for having the best organization and layout of most kits on the market. Each kit contains a variety of high-quality supplies and fits easily in a standard backpack to take on a day hike or an overnight camping trip:

  • The contents of each kit are mapped out on the back, making supplies easy to find quickly.
  • An EZ Care First Aid System organizes kit pockets according to injury so you can help yourself fast.
  • You may be far away from professional medical help, so each kit comes with a manual to walk you through taking care of yourself. These manuals are not your basic first aid manuals that are only meant to help you until EMS arrives.
  • Adventure Medical Kits are made of water-resistant fabric. The water-resistant outer zipper and 2x PU-coated 400 denier nylon protects kit components from the elements.

Mountain Backpacker Kit

While this kit is compact for easy packing, it’s well stocked with a great pack layout that makes supplies easily accessible. The pockets are clearly labeled, the supplies are high quality and it comes with a handbook for wilderness first aid. Any day hiker or weekend camper will find this kit’s innovative design beneficial. All the items in this kit address common first aid needs for two to four people planning to be gone for up to four days.

Mountain Series Day Tripper

This kit, though it has a different design, contains similar components as the Mountain Backpacker Kit. The Mountain Series Day Tripper has more of a traditional fold-out case, is less compact, has fewer medical items and, while it offers the same medications as the aforementioned kit, the quantities are smaller. Nevertheless, this kit is a great option.

First Aid Only First Aid Essentials Kit

If you are on a budget or just want a basic first aid kit, then this one is for you. This kit contains a ton of bandages and cleaning supplies for taking care of minor cuts and scrapes, and is small enough to fit into most daypacks.

Looking for quality medical kits and hiking gear in Sevierville, TN? Then head over to GSM Outfitters LLC to check out our stock of Adventure Medical Kits before your next excursion!

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