Tarma Necklaces: What They Are, and Why We Like Them!

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If you are an experienced hiker, then you know there are more things available to enhance your hike than just a good pair of hiking boots. Depending on your choice of outdoor activities, many outdoor stores also carry adventure clothing, outdoor gear and various hiking accessories in Sevierville, TN. But have you ever heard of outdoor jewelry? Jewelry like necklaces is popular among outdoor enthusiasts, with pendants depicting any number of scenes from nature or activities. Tarma Designs is one such company that makes beautiful outdoor jewelry, and all of us at GSM Outfitters LLC really like them.

How Tarma got its name and logo

Tarma hails from the name of a small Peruvian town that is set high in the Andes between Lima and the headwater of the Amazon. As an out-of-the-way crossroad, many goods and travelers have gone along this path—the ancient Incan trail to Machu Picchu. The town and area is described as a simple, beautiful place. This fact in itself led the founder of Tarma Designs, Sky George, to use the town’s name.

It’s hard to miss the logo on Tarma’s website and packaging. The Tarma logo depicts a stack of stones, called a cairn, which represents a trail marker. It’s a marker that guides you through uncertain areas in the wilderness or more complex trails; however, the cairn also represents the balance and path of life, while some people see the stacked rocks logo as steps on a path.

What Tarma necklaces represent

Tarma Designs was started on the idea that adventurous types should have something they could wear that represents their passion, be it running, biking or hiking. Enter the creation of lifestyle jewelry made in modern designs for outdoor-loving men and women. Tarma necklaces are durable, lightweight and ready to join you on your next big adventure! Add them to your list of must-have hiking accessories in Sevierville, TN.

Socially responsible

The Tarma brand’s goal is to use recycled and environmentally friendly materials in the making of their products and packaging. For example, Tarma’s 316L stainless has more than 60 percent post-consumer recycled content and is used in many different finishes—including brushed and sand blasted. It will not tarnish, and is lightweight and strong.

Their vacuum plated finishes come in faux gold, copper and black, all of which are environmentally friendly. Tarma’s vacuum plating doesn’t use anything that leaves behind toxic liquid waste needing disposal, like electro-plating or anodizing processes. Additionally, all products with cords utilize recycled polyester cord, and only recycled chipboard packaging is used.

Makes a great gift

Tarma necklaces make a fantastic gift for that outdoor adventurer in your life. Whether it’s the Happy Camper-Geo Mountain Pendant, a Hiking Gal or Guy Pendant or a Tree Pendant, there’s a necklace for everyone!

No matter your passion, whether hiking, camping, hunting or other outdoor activities, GSM Outfitters LLC has everything you need and are looking for to make your time in the wilderness enjoyable. Visit us today to check out our inventory of hiking gear and hiking accessories in Sevierville, TN!

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