A Guide to Oboz Hiking Boots in Sevierville, TN

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Are you new to hiking, or thinking about getting more involved in rugged trail activities? If you are, don’t buy just any old shoe or boot. Here are some good things to know about Oboz, one of the premier manufacturers of hiking boots in Sevierville, TN.

Why wear hiking boots for hiking?

New hikers often wonder whether they really need to wear hiking boots on a hike. Well, depending on the kind of hike you have planned, you could choose to wear hiking shoes, hiking sandals or hiking boots. The fact of the matter is that hiking footwear is meant to protect your feet from rocks, sticks and other debris you’re likely to encounter on the trail. Shoes also keep your feet safe from the elements, but should be light enough so you can move easily. Ultimately, there are certain occasions that call for a good pair of hiking boots, like when the trail is wet, muddy, rocky or uneven.

About Oboz insoles and construction

The Oboz brand is known for their proprietary insole, which is molded to match the specific shape and construction of every pair of shoes and boots they make. Oboz follows this kind of purpose-designed technology for their insoles because it delivers an unparalleled feel, fit and performance that stands out in the industry.

Oboz’s O FIT Insole is an anatomically designed insole created to maximize foot support and stability, and also sports a supportive arch and a deep cushioning heel cup. Triple-density EVA throughout these insoles provides both cushioning and durability, while urethane under the metatarsals and heels adds extra protection to high-strike zones.

While the all-leather upper of the Bridger gives a shoutout to classic hikers, the following stats still apply to today’s hiking boots: an extra comfortable, pliable collar; a lightweight TPU forefoot plate that preserves the shoe’s integrity (and your feet, when the trail is rocky); B-DRY waterproofing; a lightweight, aggressive outsole; and functional metal hardware. What’s more is that unlike boots of the past, the Bridger’s leather goodness requires little to no break-in time. Ready, set, go anywhere!

Sizing and fit tips

Here’s a top fit tip when buying Oboz footwear: the length runs true to size. Pairs form a hugging heel cup, have a sculpted mid-foot and a generous forefoot and toe box. To ensure the best fit possible, visit your local Oboz retailer.

Boot care

All Oboz footwear is designed and constructed to stand up to all sorts of outdoor activities and weather. With regular care, your Oboz hiking boots can last a long time and properly protect your feet. Basic care is as follows: waterproof your pair, and remove dirt and mud after each hike, but before it dries to avoid drying out the leather. Let the boots air dry, don’t use harsh cleaners and never put them in the washer or dryer.

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