The Importance of a Good Pair of Socks

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At GSM Outfitters LLC, we’re always on the lookout for the very best in outdoor gear, and are committed to stocking only the finest products, ones that we’re confidently able to stand behind. This goes for everything, including the seemingly humble sock. When you’re hunting for outdoor equipment in Sevierville, TN, don’t forget about socks—they make a bigger difference than you might think!

Without a good pair of socks, a good pair of boots can still hurt your feet

Without a good pair of socks, your boots won’t fit as well and are more likely to chafe you over longer hikes, and your feet are more likely to steep in sweat and begin stink or even face fungal problems. Good socks help control moisture, provide padding and support to the right parts of your feet, ankle and shins, and help ensure a snug and comfortable fit in your boot, which makes it easier to keep your footing even on the most treacherous terrain.

More than just fashion, socks are outdoor equipment

All that is why we believe socks are way more than fashion—they’re essential equipment. As such, we’re strong believers in finding a pair of socks that really lasts. There are a number of sock brands that have, with their engineering know-how and personal touch, created rugged, comfortable, trail-worthy socks, but we here at GSM Outfitters LLC carry two in particular because we believe they are the very best—the most thoughtfully made, the most ethically sourced, the longest lasting—and both come with lifetime no-questions-asked guarantees, which lets us say to our customers, “You don’t have to take our word for it.” And that’s a fun thing to say!

  • Darn Tough: Made in Vermont and designed with an eye for comfort, it just so happens that these comfortable socks can withstand any terrain and temperature, and will last as long as you do. People buy these socks for outdoor activities, even extreme activities, and many of end up saying, in surprise, that these are the most comfortable socks they’ve ever worn.
  • Farm to Feet: Like Darn Tough, these are 100% American made and sourced—all the wool, spandex and nylon, all the way down to the ink on the packaging. Farm to Feet produces a full line of high-quality outdoor socks, and offers them in a variety of styles. The high-end sock market was once dominated by tones of grey, but that is not the case any longer. These are hiking socks, ski socks and everyday socks that you can always count on to keep you warm, to breathe and to last. They may be your most important piece of outdoor equipment!

Outdoor equipment in Sevierville, TN

If you’d like to learn more about our incredibly rugged socks or about anything else in our extensive line of outdoor equipment in Sevierville, TN, please come see us today at GSM Outfitters LLC and we can get you set up with everything you need. We’re outdoor enthusiasts ourselves, and we’re dedicated to helping others explore the mountains and experience their beauty as we have.

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