The Abrams Falls Hike

February 1, 2018 Leave your thoughts


The Abrams Falls hike is a stunningly beautiful hike that is in the moderate category. Unlike most hikes, this hike is a mild descent to the falls At times you will be going up but the lion’s share of the hike is actually down. With that being said coming out is a bit harder than going in. If you have not done this hike in the winter it is a must! The volume of water and hydraulics is triple of what you would see in September or October. This time of year this trail has much less foot traffic. It is normally an extremely busy trail. So it is a great time to go!

If members are interested we can add the Trailhead Steak and Trout option at the end of this hike since we will be exiting through Townsend. A nice meal with friends after a hike is always a nice way to conclude the day.

This hike is somewhere between a level 6 and 7 as far as difficulty. As always everyone is welcome and we look forward to seeing you!

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