Product Review: The Keen Targhee III Boot

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As spring approaches, many of us are eagerly awaiting all the extra time we’re soon going to be spending outdoors, and time outdoors is always best enjoyed with the right gear. If you’re looking for a new hiking boot this spring—a boot that can handle everything you throw at it, any weather, any hike, any terrain—we suggest you consider the Keen Targhee III. It’s an affordable boot, even by Keen’s standards, and offers the type of comfort, stability and protection of a boot many times its price.

Here is our in-depth review of these excellent hiking boots in Sevierville, TN.

Comfort and fit

  • Comfortable from day one: the Targhee II is a great boot, but some people have found it to be a bit too stiff. The Targhee III makes noticeable improvements in comfort and flexibility.
  • Super light: Engineered to be lighter than you’d think was possible for a boot that feels so solid, warm and supportive when on your foot. You can put miles on them.
  • One of Keen’s wider boots: Though not considered a wide boot, it’s got more room in it than some of Keen’s other boots, with a lacing system and fit that is still both comfortable and snug for all but the narrowest feet.
  • A tip: These boots have a reputation for running a half-size small, so buy accordingly (e.g. if you normally wear a 10, buy a 10½).

Water resistance

  • Impeccable water resistance as always: As with the Targhee II, this boot has excellent waterproofing that should keep your feet completely dry, so long as you don’t fully submerge the boot.
  • Well insulated: This helps keep you safe from the elements, but if you’re using them for trail running, this means the boot can get sweaty.


  • More of an all-around hiking boot: Some of Keen’s other boots have deeper grips, but for an all-around boot, the grip is exceptional. That, when paired with the ankle support of the mid-level upper, can help you keep your footing in even the toughest terrain and the worst weather.


  • The Targhee III’s greatest selling point: The Targhee III maintains all of the great qualities of its predecessor—its stability, water resistance and versatility—while building on it significantly in other ways, including comfort and style. This means the Keen Targhee III can be more of an everyday boot, something you could pair with your work slacks just as easily as your hiking gear.

Buy hiking boots in Sevierville, TN

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