A Guide for Choosing the Best KEEN Hiking Boots in Sevierville, TN

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Hiking shoes, hiking boots, hiking gear—if you are new to hiking, don’t let all the choices of hiking footwear and equipment scare you off. The reason there are so many options is because everyone has different preferences, and the gear you need will also vary greatly depending on your skill level and the terrain you tend to hike. Ultimately, you will benefit from a good hiking boot that is comfortable, fits well and performs the way you want it to.

Are you ready to try on new hiking boots? Let’s find the perfect footwear designed for the trails you love. Here’s a guide to help you choose the best KEEN hiking boots in Sevierville, TN for your needs—and your feet.

The best boots for day hiking

Whether your plan is to hike from sunup to sundown, or simply pick up the pace to get a workout on a shorter hike, look for a boot that offers flexibility to help you move fast. This means lightweight boots with flexible outsoles. Women should check out KEEN’s Terradora hiking boots—they’re lightweight, comfortable and look great too. This KEEN hiking boot is designed for women taking day hikes, but it’s also a good out-and-about boot. Ladies will love these boots for their narrow shoe design, raised arch and secured heel. Check out this article from GearJunkie for more information!

The best boots for hiking versatility

Many people enjoy mixing up their hiking routine, and therefore would benefit greatly from owning a pair of all-purpose hiking boots. Having one pair of good hiking boots that can get you through your day hike or over rugged terrain saves money, storage space and your feet.

A hiking boot that is versatile can also be worn around town or for running errands any day of the week, so look for a pair that offers the right balance of stability, weight and grip—like Targhee hiking boots for men and women. This shoe’s traction is great for all terrains, is incredibly durable and gives support for hiking all sorts of trails, all while feeling light and remaining flexible.

The best boots for backpacking

Times when you should be wearing a heavy-duty hiking boot include hiking on rough terrain, hiking long distances or carrying a full pack. All these point to overnight backpacking trips. Heavier, sturdier boots for long distance backpacking are made with enhanced ankle support and structure to protect your feet and to keep your pack and body balanced. They may weight more than lighter day hiking boots, but the benefits are worth it. Die-hard hiking adventure fans recommend KEEN’s Durand hiking boots for men and Gypsum hikers for women.

With the right pair of KEEN hiking boots in Sevierville, TN on your feet, you will feel confident hitting the trails for a day hike or overnight trip. And wearing the proper hiking boots means being prepared for weather changes and rough terrain. Visit GSM Outfitters LLC anytime for quality hiking boots and all your hiking gear!

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