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patagonia-sweaterYou may have purchased Patagonia because you wanted high-quality apparel. Or because you liked the style or look that Patagonia is famous for. Maybe it was because of how the garment functioned and met your needs perfectly.

There is one more great reason to purchase Patagonia and that is – Fair Trade! Fair Trade is important in more ways than most folks understand. You should feel good when you make purchases on products sold under the Fair Trade Certification. You are making a statement with your purchase that says you care about people everywhere. You are getting a product in which the people that produced it cared more and had more pride in what they produced.

The way in which Patagonia executes their Fair Trade policy it creates a Democratic ideal in which workers are in control of how funds are spent and how they should benefit the community.

clothingThe way the program works is simple: For every Fair Trade Certified™ item sewn for Patagonia, a premium is paid. The money goes into an account the workers’ control. This is not a top-down program but one run in each case by a democratically elected Fair Trade worker committee that decides how the funds will be used, whether designated for social, economic and environmental community projects like private health care or a child care center, or as a cash bonus that gets workers directly closer to a living wage.

Patagonia started small in fall 2014, with 11 yoga styles at Pratibha Syntex in India. The next year it expanded into 33 styles in the spring and 192 in the fall. Today 300 styles are produced on Fair Trade. This will continue to grow and hopefully drive this industry and others to this same standard. Fair Trade often times will drive more jobs into the United States since the concept balances the playing field for industries across the globe.

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