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Chaco Remix sandals

Mega Strap

In 1989 a whitewater rafting guide launched a sandal concept that was original, rugged and customizable. Mark Paigen had no idea how much he was going to effect a well-established industry. The rafting guide made the first Chaco Sandals in a facility in Paonia Colorado.

Over the years, Chaco footwear has enjoyed a well-deserved reputation for durability and comfort! Chaco does not ever rest when it comes to innovation and style. While the durability and comfort have only improved, the styles are never-ending. Providing something for everyone has become a standard at Chaco.  

Chaco is also famous for its American Podiatric Medical Association Accepted stamp. This approval is a result of what they like to call the LUVSEAT platform. The LUVSEAT supports and holds bones and muscles in the foot in the proper position for support and comfort. Adding miles to the end of the day one would not have otherwise. Every fan of Chaco will tell you they can go farther and feel better at the end of the day.

In 2018 keep your eyes peeled for new styles like the Mega Z Cloud, The Diana, and The Z/Cloud X2 Remix. Chaco has lots and lots of new patterns and colors coming out as well. It is an exciting time to purchase new Chaco Sandals, and GSM Outfitters is your go-to for all the latest and greatest!

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