Komperdell Trekking Poles


Komperdell Trekking Poles are some of the best trekking poles available. Komperdell trekking poles are 100 % Austrian made with a 3 year “no questions ask” Guarantee. The company is definitely standing behind their trekking poles!

Trekking poles make hiking easier and can add more miles to your normal capacity. By using upper body as well as legs you greatly reduce the strain and impact of every step. Trekking poles make stream crossing and down mountain treks safer and easier. In the event you come up on a snake you are far better off already having trekking poles. There is no need to look for a stick and maybe finding another snake. Trekking poles are also great to have should you happen upon a bear. Simply wave them over your head and you appear 4-6 foot larger to the bear. Folks that use trekking poles have 80% less ankle sprains than the folks that do not use them. It just makes good sense to always have trekking poles when you hike! In the mountains it is critical to have good quality gear that you can rely on. Komperdell gives you this peace of mind in these sturdy, well designed poles.



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