Fall Hiking Suggestion: Spruce Flat Falls

Spruce Flat Falls:
This trail is considered easy. The only thing that may seem difficult to some folks is the trail is not, what by some standards, would be considered groomed. There are rocky areas in which you must look up to see where the trailhead picks up again. This is not a trail that children under 7 should attempt, unless they stay very close to their parents. There are some areas that are slippery and this can be exacerbated by weather.
This trail is not on any of the GSMA maps. So often times it is a great place to go to be alone or only run into a few like-minded people. There are a couple of slightly elevated views along the trail where you can look up and see bigger peaks. These are excellent photo opportunities and extremely beautiful views along the way! After about a mile you come to Spruce Flat Falls. The falls are multi-teared and have 2 main drops. The first is just under 100 feet where the water settles into a gentle pool before it drops again and meanders out and away from the area where you enter the falls.
Spruce Flat Falls is not on the GSMA maps so if you would like a hand made map be sure to stop by GSM Outfitters and we will give you all the information you need to get there.

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